Common Repairs and Prices

bench jeweler jewelry diamond ring prong repair

Ring sizing

Sizing rings is one of the most common jewelry repairs we perform. Using laser welding technology we are able to seamlessly increase or decrease the size of your rings so they not only look their best, but fit their best.

New Tips or crown

Jewelry can be worn down over time and tips or prongs are no exception. Another jewelry repair we perform is re-tipping or when the tips are too worn, we will recommend a new crown.

Diamond and Gemstone Replacement

Saratoga Jewelry Co. specializes in jewelry repair, watch repair and eyeglass repair. It is why we are Utahs Jeweler of Choice!

Stone Tightening

Stone tightening is a preventative form of jewelry repair that we do in house and even in sight on most items. This typically quick repair is a great way to keep stones where they belong.

Cleaning and Polishing

keeping jewelry clean is a good idea for both the aesthetics of the piece but also it's safety. Before performing any jewelry repair, we'll make sure your piece is clean so we don't miss any other work that might need to be done. Watches can benefit from a good cleaning to help its working parts function correctly.

The unexpected

Many times, customers come in with missing stones or lost chains because they weren't aware the item needed to be checked. An annual or semi-annual check of your jewelry items is a good thing to add to your calendar. Jewelry repairs are typically much less when caught early.