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Discover why A. JAFFE is worthy of celebrating your everlasting love

Each A. JAFFE design embodies a rich heritage influenced by one of the four time periods represented through our company’s 120 years of rich history.
These time periods are: Classics, Art Deco, Seasons of Love™ and Metropolitan™.
A truly breathtaking journey reflected in our stunning collections.

The Signature Ring- Feel the Difference

Your ring is a jewel to be worn with passion and joy every day. Our iconic patented design Signature shank is appreciably more comfortable to wear than other rings because of its unique engineering and fit.
The extraordinary balance of this design minimizes the turning of the engagement ring on the finger, showcasing the center diamond in its upright position.
To emphasize the comfort, beauty and balance our signature, followed by a diamond, shares our commitment to create each A. JAFFE ring as a piece of wearable art.

Why A. JAFFE Diamonds Shine More Than Others

Each A. JAFFE diamond must meet our demanding standards for brilliance, sparkle, and brightness.
To achieve this, A. JAFFE only selects superior rough diamonds that are capable of revealing the beauty we require. The selection and grading criteria is one of the strictest in the industry and goes well beyond the 4C’s (cut, color, clarity and carat weight), far surpassing the majority of diamonds in the marketplace. 
Even the smallest diamonds are graded with full intensity and when inspected by external labs, usually surpass the grade designated on the ring’s tag. The resulting quality is self-evident to the naked eye.
Every A. JAFFE diamond is responsibly sourced, natural, not subjected to treatments for color or clarity enhancement and carefully inspected for precision and matching within each A. JAFFE design.

Craftsmanship – Beyond the Artisan

JAFFE values enduring quality above all other criteria.
We continually surpass acceptable manufacturing and quality control standards by implementing rigorous additional steps.
Additionally, the brand invests more time and resources on each process such as a longer casting cycle to insure your ring is a superior product.
Our goal is to make an A. JAFFE ring the most permanent expression of love diamond jewelry can represent. Hold an A. JAFFE ring and experience the epitome of luxury bridal jewelry created to last a lifetime.

A. JAFFE Setting Process

A. JAFFE provides the highest quality setting in the industry. 
Our pave’ designs are individually hand crafted, using the substantial metal in each ring to directly hold each diamond securely in place.
This is a process requiring supreme dedication and skill that is rarely exerted in today’s fast paced manufacturing environment. The results of this process produce smoother prongs that more securely hold your diamonds.

Exceptional Metal Purity

A. JAFFE engagement rings are not only hypoallergenic and “nickel safe” but 100% nickel-free and thus ideal for sensitive skin.
Platinum, white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, or combinations of these, are purely luxurious choices in our A. JAFFE collections.
A. JAFFE’s 18k rings secure a unique superior alloy with higher palladium content (40% more), making the rings purer and whiter.
Due to our denser metal, A. JAFFE rings are more substantial than other rings, a difference you can feel.
This answers why we place so much care in a ring you will wear daily for a lifetime.

Superior Customization Execution

At A. JAFFE we understand your loved one is special; and we place great importance on personalization.
Our promise for customization ensures quality execution and durability along with design and beauty.
An A. JAFFE ring and matching wedding band can be uniquely designed for the diamond of your choice and to your specific taste.
Unlike other companies, A. JAFFE does not charge an additional customization fee.

Ethical Sourcing and Environmental Responsibility

We view protection of the environment and providing benefit to society as vital and essential responsibilities.
The A. JAFFE woman should be proud to know that she is wearing precious metals and diamonds that provide meaningful beneficiation to many, throughout their journey.

Unique Designs – Inspired by the A. JAFFE Woman

Each design romantic and timeless, is made for the sophisticated woman who truly recognizes and appreciates the finest standards of craftsmanship and diamonds. 
She separates the extraordinary from the acceptable and is an influencer who is trusted by others.
A. JAFFE creates each design to be like the A. JAFFE woman: beautiful, unique and special.

A Lifetime Warranty since 1892

Your ring represents over 120 years of expertise and experience, all backed by a Lifetime Warranty.
For one of the most important decisions you will ever make, it is reassuring to buy a brand that will always be here to stand behind your purchase. This is our Forever Promise to you.


Romantic, timeless and created with passion since 1892, A. JAFFE is one of the only 19th century jewelers designing and continuously thriving in New York City. Each A. JAFFE ring undergoes processes that surpass ordinary manufacturing and craftsmanship standards. Only the purest precious metals are used for A. JAFFE rings, making each ring more durable, hypoallergenic and comfortable than most other rings. In addition, the brand is renowned for its adherence to the strictest diamond grading system where even the smallest diamonds are inspected with full intensity to ensure maximum beauty and brilliance. A. JAFFE is for the sophisticated woman who desires something special and deserves only the finest.


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